About Us

TekCitadel LLC links startups and companies to the best talent and expertise from tech and design agencies in Africa. Our curation enables startups and companies to maximize the burgeoning tech and design talent from Africa at very affordable rates yet excellent deliverable.

Over the years, we have delivered complex projects  with the use of African based tech and design agencies. Our clients have experienced huge cost savings while receiving excellent quality works.

Our partners in Africa gain access to a great market, work with the best technologies and drive innovation on both ends. We have developed a process that identifies top performing agencies, vet them and manage the workflows in such a way that our clients get the best results.

We are also partnering with co-working and Accelerators in building Micro-Tech Communities around Web Technologies. Creating an open learning for the students and technology enthusiasts to have an ongoing skill development.

In all, we push for collaboration, innovation and development. Startups and companies  gain from cost savings, time saving and perfect execution. Tech and design agencies in Africa gain extra income which goes a long way in sustaining their businesses thus empowering their communities.

We believe together we make a better world.