Our engagement with Tech-Communities is what keeps driving us to write our success stories. There is nothing as strong as a community that believes in progressive growth. Our commitment to break down the barriers which have slowed this growth over time is a reality. We are in the agenda to empowering communities with this one model of building Micro-Technology communities around web technologies.

Some of those skills which we can offer with proficiency are here while we have a continuous mentor-ship program to empower the young passionate guys with more skills whcih will later create an outcome for a sustainable development.

With the advent of strong tech communities springing all over Africa, the amount of low cost and top quality talent in Africa is on the rise.

Get access to Africa’s most talented persons in reliable agencies.We curate top tech talent in Africa and make it available for your development needs.

TekCitadel understands the importance of communication in projects, and that remote projects need even more communication.

With our experience working with agencies in Africa and clients in USA and Europe, we know how to manage the projects and establish end to end communication for effective project management.

  • Graphics Design
  • Custom Logo Design
  • Web App development
  • Android App Development
  • IOS App Development
  • UX Design, UI Design