Software Developer Salaries in Cameroon: Who Earns More?

Software developers are one of the most in-demand professionals in the Cameroonian tech industry. Their shortage, at first sight, would mean software development jobs receive a fairly high salary. 

While the reality of high-paying coding jobs is not wrong, software development isn’t the only way to climb Cameroon’s career ladder, and it’s definitely not the most lucrative. In fact, it’s a general belief in most developer forums that developer salaries in Cameroon are annoyingly low. 

According to a recent study on developer salaries in Cameroon, this claim, as it turns out, is valid. The study reveals that developers working remotely for companies abroad—either as contractors or employees—receive better salaries than Cameroonian developers working for companies based in the country.

It seems, at one point, that software developers in Africa hardly receive a big paycheck working for home-based companies.

Salary ranges of developers working for companies based in Cameroon

Junior developers

At best, a junior software developer working for a home-based company could typically earn between FCFA 50,000 to FCFA 150,000. Other junior developers could also earn as much as FCFA 300,000 in some companies. Developers earning such amounts are likely working for well-funded and established companies. While this pay may look slightly fair, this type of developer hardly crosses the FCFA 300k monthly salary mark. 

At worst, junior developers could earn as low as below FCFA 50,000 a month. And because startups usually have small finances, developers earning below this amount work for startups. 

Developer Salaries in Cameroon: Who Gets the Bigger Paycheck?
Salary range estimate for junior developers working for companies based in Cameroon per month

Senior developers

Senior developers, according to the report, earn as much as 2 times what junior developers earn with an estimated range of FCFA 150,000 to FCFA 300,000 per month. Some of them may earn between FCFA 300,000 t0 FCFA 600,000 per month. Just as was the case of junior developers, these could be developers working for big companies. 

While senior developers typically earn between FCFA 150,000 to FCFA 600,000 per month, some of them earn as much as above FCFA 1 million. These are, no doubt, the best-paid developers working for home-based companies. But there are also senior developers receiving less than FCFA 150,000 per month, which is alarming to the state of developer salaries for such a role. 

At one point, it seems like these ‘senior developer’ roles are merely a fat position that comes with nothing but a skinny paycheck.

Salary range estimates for senior developers working for a company based in Cameroon per month

Salary ranges of remote developers working for ventures out of Cameroon

When it comes to remote developers, there’s no strong dominant shared estimate about salary ranges. This may be due to the fact that remote developers work for companies operating at different capital levels, sizes, and economies. 

The survey did not capture what countries or types of companies the estimates were based on. However, remote developers earn more than their counterparts working for home-based companies, both at junior and senior levels with an estimate of over FCFA 2 million per month. 

Remote junior developers

Remote junior developers earn salaries similar to that of senior developers working for home-based companies. 

Most remote junior developers earn salaries ranging from FCFA 150,000 to FCFA 600,000 per month. Some of them could also earn between FCFA 600,000 to FCFA 1 million and above per month. Given these somewhat highly paid remote developers, as compared to their counterparts working for home-based companies, there are equally remote developers earning below FCFA 150,000, an amount that could be due to poor salary negotiations perhaps.

Salary range estimates for remote junior developers working remotely for a company out of Cameroon per month

Remote senior developers

Remote senior developers, as one would expect, earn better than their counterparts working for home-based companies with estimates going above FCFA 2 million per month. Most of these developers earn between FCFA 300,000 and FCFA 600,000. While others could earn between FCFA 1 million and FCFA 1.5 million per month. 

Earnings below FCFA 600, 000 may be due to poor salary negotiations while those above FCFA 1 million are linked to good salary negotiations. It could also be possible that earnings below FCFA 600,000 are the typical salaries while earnings above FCFA 1 million per month are developers hired by large firms or at least, companies doing well financially. 

Bottom line is, there are edge estimates of FCFA 2 million per month and above for remote senior developers.

Salary range estimates for remote senior developers working remotely for a company out of Cameroon per month

Developer salaries in Cameroon: Who’s earning more?

In Cameroon, remote developers are well paid than developers working for home-based companies both at the senior and junior positions. It’s probably this handsome paycheck that is responsible for the acute shortage of professional developers in Cameroon. It’s also the reason most developers now prefer working remotely for companies out of the country.

This analysis should serve as a guideline only. Any single individual’s salary will depend on the company, individual, perks, and nature of work. When negotiating a salary with an employer, these figures could help in making a better decision for software developers.