Building Micro-Tech Communities Around Web Technologies.

Community is power

We believe in the power of building communities. The Tech revolution is inevitable. We have been penetrating communities and building communities encouraging the young to focus on skills. Those without skills can build themselves together around technologies and by so doing we have an on-going build-up of skills.

We are focusing on micro-tech communities around web technologies. This has created an opportunity for foreign engagement and there is a match of skills between techies. The growth of open-learning engagements in the communities has created an atmosphere for technology enthusiasts and non-technology enthusiasts to come together.

Technically Talented

TekCitadel LLC partners with the best creative and engineering agencies in Africa. The staff of these agencies are trained and experienced in delivering results consistently. With the advent of strong tech communities springing all over Africa, the amount of low cost and top-quality talent in Africa is on the rise.

Coding Bootcamp

We worked with are ambassadors in the universities in Sub Saharan African to launch and run Coding Bootcamps. This is an initiative which TekCitadel is promoting in other to have students create a career path.
The objective of this program is to introduce university STEM graduates into a career in Web Engineering. After this program, participants can choose to continue with any of the tens of rewarding career paths in Software Engineering. This could be the start of their journey towards a rewarding career and financial freedom.The mode of training we have been using was onsite and learning material provided for free. The only requirement is to have a laptop but with the recent changes as Covid-19 took over we have been trying to create an online site where we want to keep our audience engaged in continuous learning. To ensure we are working with focused students, we have also come up with requirements which interested students must fulfill in other to be legible for the program.


Must have your own laptopMust be active and submit assignmentsMust be in full attendanceMust exercise good behavior and ability to work with a Team

We believe that there is no regret taking this program judging from the past experiences we had and the joy that the students who took part in this shared.

Note: Each time we launch a program like this, we sometimes face the challenge of selecting the participants as many students usually want to take part. As a result to this we came up with a means of selecting the participants who have a certain mark in their semester that we think it is appropriate for them to be in this program. We do this in other to have a selected few and working not to run out of the funding for this program. If there is ever a need of such we always send an announcement in public so that participants know there is a pre-selection



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