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Building a career is one of the most critical things in life to go through. We often find ourselves in situations that get us stock and we have no way to move ahead and hit our dreams. At TekCitadel LLC our goal is not only about having you work for us but we are a career driven firm and we believe in building your future. Whether you are working for an internal project or for a client, this is critical for the success of our company because each individual represents our company.

At TekCitadel, you will use the latest tools in software development and Web Applications development techniques and approaches and work with leading minds in the industry to build solutions you can be proud of. TekCitadel is looking for talented professionals who are comfortable working remote works from their comfort zones and abiding with TekCitadel guidelines.


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Web Developer(Remote)

We need a Developer who is current with latest web trends and can deliver on time and respect datelines. Someone who meets the clients expectations because you will be designing and maintaining web applications for our client. The candidate must be able to work independently and self-organizing and can read and interpret job description and requirements. This Job can be done from anywhere remotely. This is a contract type position and will be discussed in the hiring process.

UI/Front End Developer (Remote)

We believe that creating best user experiences based on UX best practices is a way to maintain customer satisfaction in the development procedure.The Front-End Developer/UX/UI is a full-time position that requires working closely with the entire marketing team. The person filling this position will be responsible for analyzing and optimizing the front-end of our Magento 2 E-commerce platform.

WordPress Web Developer Intern (Remote) 4months

If you like working in an environment that is determined by you and provides for self organizing, then TekCitadel LLC is a place for you. Our daily standups with our agile Team is a moving exercise full of fun. We are looking for an intern who is familiar with WordPress best practices and can hand code WordPress plugins meeting our clients requirements. This internship position could lead to a permanent hire if the intern demonstrates discipline and respects deadlines. You must be able to learn new technologies out of what you know.

Web Developer Intern(Remote)

Primary Purpose:
The web developer intern will engage in web development tasks including administrative and design under the guidance of marketing director.


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