The 7 Web Trends In 2020

Web design trends are changing and on this write up I have just pinpointed the general trends that affect the web experience of companies, schools, startups and Organizations as the years go by. There is a shift in technical possibilities and in 2020 many designers are getting into extremes, but we are not going to get into those details on this write up. Let’s leave that for next time and look just at the 7 points that will help many businesses step up their game.

We have reinvented the styles and everyday new web techniques are on experimentation and humans are upgrading lifestyles. It should be noted that the more quest we have to change for the better, the more Technology has to keep being reinvented. For example, If there is an increase in the purchases of smart phones, then web architecture has to focus more on mobile design.


Mobile browsing has for a while now has been on the rise in the internet world and as days go by the curve keeps on rising exponentially. Across the globe there is a happening that is going on and it doesn’t seem to end any time soon. Many people are finding easier ways to get information and connect with loved ones and interact with people across the globe easily. There is easy access to mobile phones and if you can’t afford the very expensive ones you will be able to stay connected with even the cheapest smart phones. Cell phone carriers are now offering unlimited data plans and with good speed of 5G which has made browsing convenient.


First and foremost is that your website needs to be mobile and there is a difference when we say a site needs to be mobile. Nowadays a lot of people confuse responsiveness to being mobile but “hell no” these are two different things. With a site being responsive it has just been able to compact text on one area that can be viewed easily but when we talk of a site to be MOBILE we mean the UI design takes into consideration how the mobile browsing experience is different from that of desktop and across multiple browsers. Overall you should make sure mobile users are having all the information they need while still having a good user-friendly design.

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Everyone who is looking for a school or planning a business or an investment or research starts from a search engine. (Google etc).

This means that we must make sure websites are optimized for those key words that we think are the core of the content on the site. This also is giving us an opportunity to utilize search engine tools that can enable us to perform keyword research and understand what keywords users are looking for or predict with what your competitors are using. Editing website titles tags and meta tag descriptions to suit the right keywords. Working on backlinks, image file tags and in the image’s alt text. You have to ensure SEO capabilities of our current site making sure its ranking is good online is key.

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Whether we like it or not, your website design plays a vital role in the way your Organization, school or business sees it. There is a need for a redesign of websites. Beauty attracts and that is why if a website is more than three years old then there is a need to redesign. If we can maintain our roads and houses and other structures, then it is the same way we need to maintain our sites. There is a need for an ongoing website analytics especially on User Experience, Website design, Content, Search Engine and Navigation.


With the web revolution taking place and many businesses and startups coming, one important feature is the use of CHATBOTS . This feature is mostly seen at the bottom right of a web page as you open the site. It is a great feature permitting interaction between the visitor and the representative as questions can be answered instantly because for many web apps to have someone to answer these questions in real time is too much of a challenge and that is the reason while CHATBOTS are on a rise.

A CHATBOT is programmed to answer common questions your visitors may ask and should in case the CHATBOT can’t produce these answers, it should be set in a way it will lead to inviting a live person to chat with the visitor.


There has been a growing interest on big data in the web world and this has resulted in shaping the way we do business. There is now an incorporation of data visualization on websites and it has become a common norm to highlighting data which they have created.

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Many websites now focus on embedding videos which for a while now have been trending in content creation as many people are making this a culture. From every indication, video is the future as many networks as engaging into video content each passing day.

There are times you will stay on a site watching a video just because it started to play while you were on the page. There are some videos which could be so annoying, but we are talking of professional content which you will enjoying watching on a site because it summarizes everything you had to read.

These types of videos give you a chance to close them if you are not interested. They become annoying if they are designed to lock the screen and force you to watch all of it without giving you authority to turn off when you want to.

They do not have to be long videos but should give the visitor an impression that these were part of the design because through them your services or products are well outlined.

If you think your website business or mobile app hasn’t meet these 7 points in 2020, then we at TekCitadel LLC are at your service to give you a good feel.

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